63A, Jalan Kuning 2,

Taman Pelangi 80400,
Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

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About Us

Not only can you enjoy food in our store, you also get to become a chef in minutes at home without having to prepare ingredients.

Welcome to
Memories Kitchen

10 Years of Experience

Our kitchen team and chefs are specialised in chinese, malay, thai and indonesian cruisines.

Only The Freshest

We are very strict in selecting our cuts, preparations, cooking and product sealing.

Cafe Outlets

Visit us at our cafe where you can enjoy hot meals and purchase your favourite frozen meals.

Digital Payment

You can pay easily with credit card, debit card, ebanking and selected e-wallets.

Hello & Welcome

Hi, I'm Dicky.

Do you miss home? Do you miss travelling? What have you been missing lately?

During this difficult pandemic, we’ve all been missing the taste of local food and favourite home cooked meals with our loved ones. 

For us at Memories Kitchen, we were homesick and came back from overseas. Together with a team of Malaysian chefs from east, south, north and west of Malaysia, we share our inspirations together and created this new home, A Taste of Memories.

We hold high standards for every ingredient and we care about every meal and moment. From sourcing for fresh ingredients, researching & developing recipes that are long lost in our minds, we started small in our home kitchen until recently with our very own kitchen space. 

We appreciate all our fans who loves our homemade food and we will continue to innovate. On behalf of our chefs and team, thank you for your support.

Dicky Sieh
With more than 10 years of experience, we aim to give you the best and tastiest meals for you and your loved ones.
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