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Chicken Fried Rice


Our Chicken Fried Rice dish is our favourite classic. The fragrant fried rice mixed with chicken chunks, egg, and carrots is a combination you will enjoy!

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Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken fried rice, one of the top five rankings in Asia, is a must-try delicacy in Thailand. Our authentic chefs cook the memories of their hometown out of the taste of their hometown, which is also a taste that will never be forgotten after traveling in Thailand. Stir-fried with fresh ingredients + plump rice, the taste and texture are very good. Let you have the illusion that you are in the local area.

  • Serves 1 person
  • Packed and sealed in pouch
  • Approximately 300g

Consumption Instructions:
Without defrosting, put pouch in constantly boiling water for 20-25 minutes.


上过亚洲五大排行榜之一的鸡肉炒饭,是泰国道地不可错过的美食。我们道地厨师把家乡的记忆烹调出他们家乡的味道也是泰国旅游后念念不忘的味道。新鲜食材+ 粒粒饱满的米饭来炒,味道和口感都很赞。让您有错觉仿佛身处当地。

  • 服务 1 人
  • 包装并密封在袋中
  • 约300g

不解冻,将小袋放入沸水中 20-25 分钟